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      BC465C Electric Hospital Bed for ICU Ward

      BC465C Electric Hospital Bed for ICU Ward

      BC465C Electric Hospital Bed for ICU Ward

      version:HX/DBC-III G(seven functions);HX/DBC-II G(five functions)
      • Castor central control systemCastor central control system
      • Germany TENTE castersGermany TENTE casters
      • Conductive antistatic wheelConductive antistatic wheel
      • Maintenance-free battery systemMaintenance-free battery system
      • Mattress spacing barMattress spacing bar
      • W-shaped hook for drainageW-shaped hook for drainage
      • 3D Mattress3D Mattress

      Function:backrest andfootrest lifting, integral lifting,overall Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg, manual CPR, backrest &footrest descend coordinately

      1.Imported control system is safe and easy to use.

      2.The head and foot board made of ABS can be easily installed and used as CPR emergency board.

      3.ABS fission lifting guardrail of Europe type conforms to the standard IEC 60601-2-52 with a slow-release elevator which is convenient and easy to use.

      4.The power driven system imported with original packaging ensures the medical safety.

      5.Handle controller or guardrail control operation panel (optional).